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Endgrain Workshop

Thank You For Stopping By Endgrain Workshop!

Endgrain Workshop is more than the home of original
handmade wooden flags; it is the result of my woodworking journey. In 2017, I
decided to try my hand at the craft of woodworking and build a farmhouse table
for my home. Building my first wood-crafted table unleashed my passion for
woodworking, and I began working day and night, honing my skills in the trade.
From one DIY project, a business was born.

Why Woodcrafted American Flags?

Woodworking has limitless possibilities, and to
practice the craft, I decided to make wooden American Flags. I found
inspiration in all our American Flag represents, and crafting this iconic
symbol from wood gave my new hobby a deeper meaning. My first wooden flag
projects were made of pine given to me by family and friends, and as I became
more proficient in these flags' craftsmanship and with the creative juices
flowing, the idea for Endgrain Workshop was born.

Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness

In 2019, I threw caution to the wind and decided to put
my heart and soul into opening Endgrain Workshop. The result of this
journey is that I can create and sell American Flags and patriotic wooden wall
art as my full-time work, truly a labor of love. As a craftsman and
entrepreneur, I am humbled to be selling my work. Each wooden American Flag
represents my deep respect and appreciation for the opportunities my country
has afforded me to achieve my dreams.

Welcome To Our Endgrain Workshop Family

I am so grateful for your interest in my handmade
wooden American Flags and other crafted products. My commitment to your
satisfaction, exemplary craftsmanship and inspirational design is the
foundation of Endgrain Workshop. I am happy to answer any questions you
may have concerning your custom wooden flag project; please feel free to reach
out to me any time.

I hope my work brings a little inspiration to everyone
who chooses to purchase my handcrafted products. Again, thank you for your
interest in Endgrain Workshop, and welcome to the family!

Levi Boyd


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